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Voices raises nearly $5K for Ignite

LaDonna Womochel | Published on 10/20/2023

Voices United 10.23

Geo Ordonez, Whitney Thomas and Isabella Fuentes of Ignite at the October fundraiser held by Voices United of Robson Ranch.  Photo by Rupa Mathur.

By Rupa Mathur


Voices United held their monthly meeting on October 7, at the home of Jane Thompson.  This event was our annual Ignite fundraiser.  IGNITE is a national organization whose goal is to help women move into leadership positions in government, business, and in their community. 


At the meeting we met Whitney Thomas, Geo Ordonez and Isabella Fuentes, three amazing inspiring ladies.  Whitney Thomas is an advocate for civic engagement and is committed to building a future generation of leaders.  Geovanie (Geo) Ordonez is the Donor Engagement Manager at IGNITE.  She has over five years of fundraising experience grounded in ethical storytelling.  She is IGNITE’s North Texas Fellow and undergraduate student at the University of North Texas pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  She served as historian of IGNITE’s College Chapter at Collin College before becoming president in spring 2022.  


We immensely enjoyed meeting with the young ladies.  They have been beneficiaries of the IGNITE  program and we feel proud to have held fundraiser for them.