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Members discuss "Biased"

Jane Scholz | Published on 4/12/2023
Bias VU Diversity 4

Voices members, from left, Elaine Kushmaul, Ginny Shepperd, Jackie Ford and Merriott Terry discuss Biased.  Photo by Jane Scholz

By Jane Scholz

Members of the Voices United Diversity Committee met on Good Friday to discuss the 2019 book Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes That We See, Think, and Do by Jennifer Eberhardt, PhD.


The book is filled with reports of scientific studies, many of which were very eye-opening. But the book also included many stories of individual people, including about the author and her family members, which kept one's interest high. 


Members shared personal memories sparked by the book during the discussion at the home of member Adele Steward. One member shared this definition:


"Bias refers to a thought of an individual or a group which is leaning towards an area of life such as politics, society, religion or economics. Prejudice is the process of making decision or judging something with a premature mind and making your own facts instead of knowing the real truth about a person or a thing.

"Bias can be referred to as a process where you prefer one thing over another thing. Prejudice is the word used to refer to something that you hate completely."

Voices members hold regular discussions on current issues, as well on thought-provoking books.

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