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Election 2020 from a Historical Perspective: Voices Guest Daniel Balz

Jane Scholz | Published on 12/13/2020

Election 2020 from a historical perspective:  
Veteran DC journalist addresses Voices United

Dan Balz at Voices via Zoom
Veteran Washington journalist Dan Balz speaks to Voices United via Zoom.

By Lavelle Carlson
Much has been said on both sides of the political spectrum in print and on social media. Would your perspective change if you were able to hear it from an educated historical perspective? Voices United was honored to have as a guest speaker Daniel Balz, senior correspondent for the Washington Post, winner of numerous journalistic awards and author of three books on U. S. elections.


Daniel Balz, speaking via Zoom from his home near Washington, DC, presented his view of the 2020 election as compared to past elections.  He said the 2020 election turnout was significant with the popular vote totaling more for Biden than any other president with a solid win built on narrow victories in some states. However, the outcome was not what the Democrats had hoped for down ballot. They did not do as well in the House as they had hoped and as of this time the Senate is still up for grabs. His analysis was that Biden’s win was a rejection of Trump, but not a clear affirmation of the Democratic party. He expressed concerns over the dissension by President Trump regarding election results and how that will affect voters for some time.


The second aspect of the election Mr. Balz discussed was the transition. The only hiccup for Biden so far was the short delay by the federal government allowing Biden’s team access to agency information and briefings.  He said Biden’s first issue is choosing a diverse cabinet as he has promised.  Another transition item on Biden’s agenda is COVID-19. Much work will be required for a smooth vaccination plan.


In response to member questions, Mr. Balz gave opinions on other political matters; news media bias and how journalism has changed during his 35 plus media years. The mainstream media, he said, still tries to present factual news. He also discussed concerns on the future of voter faith in our democratic institutions due to the controversy surrounding the election results.


Voices members gained much from such a knowledgeable journalist.


Other VU Actions: During its business meeting, Voices recognized Tracy Olson for forming the service group after the Women’s March in Denton in 2017 and for her leadership as the organization has grown. We also had a report on generous donations made by our members to Meals on Wheels.


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